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The Kousanahan sisters are not sisters. You may have figured that out if you’ve looked at our pictures.

But we have, indeed, been the best of friends for more than 13 years (even longer if time has past since writing this and we’ve not updated our “about” section – highly likely). And while we aren’t sisters by biology, we love each other, support one another and get annoyed as if we are. And when we get off of the phone with each other we say “I love you” because it’s true.

Andi is from Pennsylvania. Roya is from Indiana. We met as students in Indiana. Then Andi moved to Ohio and got a PhD and Roya moved to Pennsylvania to get a Master’s degree. Now we both live in Pennsylvania, but on opposite sides of the state.

We’re phenomenally imperfect. That part we’ve got down. But we’re both trying to figure out how to be okay with that – and how to be blissful.

Roya and Andi

A gorgeous day in San Francisco. November 2010.


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