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Well look at that – we have a blog.

We’ve talked about starting a blog for… well… a long time. And a few months ago we set up this URL and wordpress site. And then it sat. And we sat. And wrote blogs in our heads. And talked about needing to actually write on the site we so thoughtfully (not really) set up.

So at long last, here it is. Blog entry number one. First step is the hardest, right? Now we’ll just groove along, telling the worldwide web about our many adventures and misadventures as we struggle to find blissful acceptance of our imperfections. Enjoy the ride, friends.


About Blissfully Imperfect

Together, Roya and Andi are blissfully imperfect. Now in our 30s, we're still trying to figure it all out - or at least some of it. Actually, we'll settle for just figuring out a little bit.

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