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Suck it, 2011!

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Okay. I shouldn’t be so belligerent seeing as there are still three days left in the year and I’ll be traveling the friendly skies on one of them. And my car is in the shop awaiting diagnosis. Still plenty of time left for 2011 to give me another wallop.

But really, I’m over you 2011. You were not kind to me and I’m ready for us to part ways. Some of the highlights:

  • I smashed the side of my car and, being the classy lady I am, waited 11 months to have it fixed, complements of my dad. Yepp. That’s right. A special X-Mas gift from father to daughter – a new passenger side door on a 2002 Mazda.
  • I went to Disney World for the first time ever at the age of 32. Since Andi and I were together it was tons of fun, but not the trip I had planned. I had ambitiously decided to train for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  But injury kept me on the sidelines. It was an ambitious plan because, well, I don’t run. I suggest if you have any inclination to train for any kind of race that you make sure you actually like running before you register. Just sayin.
  • June offered another stay at the Shadyside Resort and Spa (AKA UPMC Shadyside Hospital). It was four glorious days of backless hospital gowns, gelatin dessert and tests. Third time was not a charm but the flowers from friends and family were lovely.
  • A psychic told me she was sad for my soul. Seriously.
  • My job. Read into that what you will.
  • General depression and disappointment. (I know, very vague and not parallel to the other items but it’s my blog entry and I’m leaving it that way.)

But I’m going into 2012 optimistic. Andi and I decided the best way to kick off a new year is to run away. So we’re going to the Riviera Maya for a week. It will be wonderful and fabulous and a brilliant start to what I have decided will be the best year ever. EVER. Adios, 2011.


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I live in Pittsburgh and work in non-profit marketing. I moved here in 2001 for graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University. I had no idea that I'd end up making this most-livable city my home for more than a decade. I love to travel. It's without a doubt my favorite thing to do. I want to see the world. I went through a phase in college where I wanted to be a documentary photographer but it was so unrealistic and impractical that I stuck with my teaching degree. (SIDE NOTE: I'm not a teacher. Go figure.) I'd love to say that I'm not materialistic but I like pretty things. And I like spending money on said pretty things. Retail therapy followed by buyer's remorse and returns is a constant cycle in my life. I'm okay with that. I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful family. They are loud, ridiculous and the kindest people you'll ever know. My friends are my family by choice and without them, I honestly don't know where I'd be.

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  1. Onward & upward : )


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